vendredi, décembre 05, 2008

Anything is possible (Ode to optimism)

I am following a Theatre Class. So-called Therapeutical Theatre. At least it is very entertaining and a breath of fresh air after a hard working day.

The last time I went, we had two improvisation plays, which both were very intense, emotionally speaking. I also found it very inspirational, because, with the two simple headlines given to the "actors", anything could have happen in these plays, which eventually gives me some Hope.

Why? Well, to some extent, it really shows that we are actively shaping the world and the relationships with the people around us. I would not have played the same way as the other actors, which would have led to another ending.

Besides, the feedback we get after each play, each exercise is particularly mind-boggling. This helps us realize that the perception people have of ourselves, our acts rarely correspond to what we expect. This can be good and bad. But we ought to keep that in mind. Often we prevent ourselves from acting in some ways because we think others would not help us or would simply disapprove our choice. Sometimes, they would, but sometimes they would not. It is hard to anticipate and guess, still, this means that sometimes we are the ones limiting our perspectives. Hence, some optimism would help, we have to play our game, bet and try.

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