mardi, octobre 21, 2008

Spending lavishly or saving up?

Well, now it's crisis time.

People are saving up every single euro cent or dollar. There is no little saving. Why? Because of the Crisis. Eventhough politicians try anything to convince us that it is not the case, people see it, feel it. Fear to lose one's job, mainly and no longer be able to join the two ends. Well basically, that's a good reason why. But is it so wise?

Been thinking for some time, not really in depth, that if my bank goes bankrupt (relatively unlikely scenario), the savings of my life (not that much since I only began working just two-years ago or a bit more, and I include my internship period - well-known for not being the source of money for extra-savings) would be lost (more or less, given governmental guarantees and the potential difficulties to enforce them). So, why not using this money now in useful or simply desirable items that I can enjoy during hard times, instead of whining because I have lost everything. This would at least give me the opportunity to enjoy the fruit of my savings and it would have the positive spillover of not stopping the economy because of savings. Let's say that it is quite a tentative way attitude, although I find it quite hard to follow (fear of the worst What If scenarios and reason too).

So, it came to me as a surprise when I saw this article in the NY Times: Some Purchases may still be worth the Price! Ok, the tone is different, doesn't envisage the bankrupcy scenario, but still, it contemplates the option of chosing to spend money instead of saving it. All is about considering spending as an Investment. Not an investment that would be profitble in terms of money, but in terms of well-being, social relationship, memories and so on. All these little things that make up what we are and that make it so special.

Well, before reading the NYTime's article, despite the financial crisis ghost that haunted me, To and I had decided to buy a TVset... I am sure we'll find out a way to make it "profitable".

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Grosenbaf a dit…

Wise words, my darling :) Investing in ourselves, in our happy times. That's real investing. The rest is building castles on clouds.


Anonyme a dit…

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